Officer Cheatham (pronounced cheet'em) is a hard workin' Texas prison guard. When she's not wranglin' convicts, Officer Cheatham educates the free world about all things prison with her 'Aint No Orange in Texas lecture series. If you don't know what "free world" means, watch Officer Cheatham's videos. Topics include stuff like how to make a tampon out of pads and other tricks to make your life a little bit better in prison. 

A word of caution, if you wind up going to prison and get caught doin' some of this stuff, you might get in trouble. Officer Cheatham accepts no responsibility if you get in trouble or get written up. Just know that. And she will write you a case if you're messin' around in her unit. 


Officer Cheatham is the performance persona of Courtney Cone.